We are home and happy! Ranger (new name) was a trooper. We ran and played at Cahokia and even ate lunch on the ground and he was pretty good. He slept so hard all the way home that we had to wake him up when we stopped at the Rest Area and gas station! He seemed to be having a bit of tummy trouble and was quite fragrant for the first part of the ride. We were laughing hysterically about the name possibilities and whether he was sent to dog jail for being smelly.

When we got home he wanted to go right in the back door, but we showed him around the yard. The sight of a horse caused his hair to stand on end and plenty of baying, but they did sniff noses between barking. I guess while I was at my work party more progress was made on teaching Ranger that horses are our friends. He also pooped in my sewing room, favorite spot of every dog that ever comes in the door, so we are initiated.

He is doing well with the cats. The outside cats are suspicious but I heard he and Plato sniffed each other. Stinky, as usual, is not too worried and Tickadee has vanished. That is the usual reaction. Tick will slowly check him out.

I bought him a nice collar, bed and bowl on my way home from the party. He was soooo hungry! I gave him a cup at time and he ate 3 cups and then I cut him off even though he is looking for more. I put his new bed on the floor with the tag on it and he ran over and ripped the tag off, spit it out and laid down. That was pretty hilarious. Apparently he knew it was for him!

Now after another walk around the yard and another poop he is sacked out in his new bed, wagging his tail without lifting his head if we move around. No more odors! Everyone is dying to meet him and commenting on his Facebook photos.

Thank you so much for bringing this sweet dog to us! I have nose prints on my car window again and fur under my hand.

Trisha Noack and family

Page last updated on 23 June 2012