I know Suzanne sent you some pics of Daisy and an update but I just have to add my own thanks. Daisy is definitely the best birthday present ever. After Shadow, my last Black and Tan, died at 14 years, I couldn't imagine having another pup as faithful and loving, but Daisy has filled his paws beautifully. She's affectionate, well behaved at home and on adventures (mostly), and loves everybody. I'm still trying to find her volume control, but with 31 acres at least neighbors aren't a problem. Here area couple of pictures - my "shop" dog and Daisy being regal.

Thanks again so much,
John DeSaix

John and I want to share a couple of photos of our lovely girl that we adopted from you at the end of June last year. She is lovely and has quite a voice. Our older Jack Russell has finally realized that she is his sister forever now!! We renamed her Daisy. My husband jogs with her every morning and she loves it.

Suzanne DeSaix

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