I am a doggy foster Mom and I had been fostering Jenny for over 7 months and decided to keep her. She is so much at home in my home and gets along great with Elliott, (my first adopted coonhound) and she has been through so much in her short life. She was found on the streets starving and ended up at a kill shelter. She is a older dog (4-6 yrs) so placing her was not easy. So after 7 months I have decided she should stay with me. I know she already considers this her forever home and me her Mom. She sleeps on the bed with me every night and seems so happy; that makes me happy, too. She came to me very underweight and I have put 12 lbs on her. Also she was most certainly a house dog before because she came to me cratetrained, house broken and knew about beds and sofas, too. I have trained her to respond to me off-lead so now she can run and play with the other dogs at the off-leash doggy parks near us. I will continue to foster for Black and Tan Coonhound Rescue and I am happy that I am keeping Jenny. She has become such a part of my home.


Page last updated on 30 November 2010