It's hard to believe that I will have had Temperance for almost a year now. She is such a joy to have. She loves her other friends, Jet and Winky-Dinky. She was not too sure about Santa but she still got presents in her stocking. She is a great protector when she gets in her car or the house; she turns into a watchdog on her own. We are going to training classes next month and agility. That's all for now - keep up the great work.

Joanne, Temperance, Jet, Winky

13 July 2014

This is Temperance, formally Jenny, which I adopted a few weeks ago. She is such a joy to have and I Love her very much. She is now living in Florida and has two cats to keep her company and lots of "cousins" to keep her going. Keep up the good work with the rescue a lot more people should adopt!

Joanne and Temperance Santo

8 August 2013