The group photo is of us with our Molly (Black and Tan on the chair) and Susie Q (black and white in front), both of which were adopted from ABTCR before we started fostering, and the Black and Tan in the front is our foster dog, Jethro. It isn't the greatest group photo but it was quite a show just to get us this far so I said I would take and then try again for a better one later. Needless to say, after the photo was all said and done, Jethro tried to shred the santa hat :)

Sarah, Keith, Molly Dog, Susie Q, Jethro, and Macey (the resident cat who wanted nothing to do with a family photo)

26 December 2010

This is Molly on the first day we brought her home. She was all paws and ears and we knew that we were in love with her already.

We had our first vacation to Cook’s Forest where Molly hiked the "Little Coon Trail."

She was our little baby, but she didn’t stay little for long.

She has turned into our beautiful coonie and we couldn’t imagine a day without her. Although she enjoys spending time with us, we thought she needed some canine companionship, so we adopted Susie.

Susie is our German Shorthaired Pointer who was lucky that the coonhound rescuers love not only coonies. She was originally mistaken for a Bluetick but when the rescue discovered she was a pointer, they saved her life anyway and we are so glad they did!

Susie quickly learned that one of her favorite pastimes is to lounge on the couch, or even better sleeping in the bed with a good comfy blanket. When she’s not lounging she is always ready to sniff out a bunny or play with Molly. Molly and Susie are now the best of friends and love all the joys of life like a good snuggle on a comfy chair or a bed.

Thank you Coonhound Rescue for bringing Molly and Susie into our family!!

17 August 2009