Dixie is doing really well. She has made the other dogs make her feel at home just from her happy/playful disposition. She took to the radio fence really quick and knows the boundaries of our lot; and makes use of every square inch. I am going to enlarge it just for her. She does great on the leash when we walk in the different parks around here and follows basic commands equally well. She is the most beautiful dog around; we always get comments when on walks.

I am amazed at how easily trainable she is. I have a friend that has a hunting lease and have ordered raccoon tracking training materials and plan on getting out there this fall. I am also looking for another hunter/land owner that has a trained black and tan so we can train with them. We just want to do this for fun; I know she will enjoy tracking also; my girls are very fired up about going out at night into the woods as they are very into things like this, new adventures and learning about animals. I thought she would run and bark more; but she has stayed around the house and lot and barks like the other dogs.

We've given her flea and tick treatments and the heartworm regimen; she really likes eating the fish oil pills whole and eats big twice a day. It took her a couple of weeks to feel comfortable to eat well it seemed but doing well in that area. She has had several baths as she likes to get cooled off and she loves to lay out flat on the cool garage floor during the hot part of the day. She is very happy.


Page last updated on 25 August 2010