It's been two and half years since bringing Juniper into our home, and she is thriving. She's seen a bit of change, too. Her older brother (in the Christmas photo) is sadly no longer with us. We've fostered two cats. We hosted a Spanish exchange student. We got chickens (and trained Juniper not to put them in her mouth). She serves as a wonderful watch dog to ward off hawks and critters.

She has remained the most positive, adaptive, friendly, easy-going dog. We love her to pieces! She loves snow, which fits perfectly with our family and Pennsylvania. We’re not sure how old she is, probably going on four or five, but she is ALWAYS game to play and run around. We go on weekly hikes with a group of dogs and she is trustworthy off leash (we constantly work on recall). We also have a dog park nearby we frequent, she goes to doggy daycare once a week, and we attend an annual “Connie Day in PA” to meet up with other amazing hounds. I am so excited, as we have plans to take her to Coondog Day in Saluda this year! We feel obligated to give her the best life imaginable, as she truly deserves the world.

She is such a wonderful dog and has devoted my heart to the breed. Our family is ready to invite more hound hearts in, and we have been approved as a foster home for ABTCR! Juniper will be a wonderful companion to help another dog transition, like she did, and our family is looking forward to giving back to the rescue and breed that has changed our lives so deeply, for the better.

27 March 2019

Juniper has been having a ball with her brother, Baron, and she's learned sit, down, and to wait patiently for her breakfast and dinner. Potty training took a while, but our patience has paid off and she's getting much more freedom! She continues to have zest for life, and her unabashed clumsiness is always a source of comedy. Also, our cat adapted quickly, and very well to her. She is nothing short of wonderful and respectful to him. Our household feels so happy and full. The vet said she is healthy, but she seems sooo skinny to me, so I'm hoping she puts on some weight, still. I've attached pictures of her shenanigans.
Thank you so much, again, for being our gateway to such a sweet, fun girl!

Alaina Austin

12 February 2017