We got a few good photos that I wanted to share. Things are going good now that he got a little rest, food and a chance to check everything out. The Black and Tan we have (Jessie) is only 9 months old and is pestering him something fierce – LOL. This is going to be a great learning experience for Jessie – she can be a pest. Kibbles had to tell her to stop bothering him a few times – just talk nothing else. Today they’ve been out playing and having a great time – she does take some getting used to . . .He is a lover so I don’t think there will be a problem with them at all. He does “love” watching my very large salt water aquarium, it’s the first thing he went to last night.

He’s had a hard road getting here but now the healing can begin in his forever home. Thank you for taking care of our little boy – it’s people like the you that gives us hope. Thank you for caring!

Carol Kinney

Page last updated on 6 December 2009