Today is Katydid's one week "forever home" anniversary. She had her health and wellness check Thursday; she is a happy and healthy little girl! Ellen and I have a strong belief that all things happen for a reason. Katydid is as good of a reason as there comes! Katydid and her “new” big sister Angela share a magical connection, as though they were raised together. Angela, our first rescue, suffers from severe anxiety. In comes the sweet, loving, wiggles - Katydid providing a special touch, a level of comfort, easing her sister's fears.

Katydid and Angela love to play! It's cute to watch them fill one another's life with joy and happiness! In fact, watching them play is like watching the innocence of children playing backyard games. These two have been inseparable. The girls love their walks! When they see their harness and leash, it is all smiles and wiggles from Katydid and Angela! Katydid had an equal connection with her forever mom, Ellen. Simply the girls love their mommy! We can't go without saying how happy a girl she is! Sweet! Frankly, adorable!

Katydid and Angela have spent their days frolicking in the back yard. We can't stop smiling at the two of them! We have welcomed Katydid into our home, our lives, and share a mutual and equal love! She is a perfect fit for all of us!

Inside, they love peeking out the front windows to see the world as only they can see it. When playing, inside Katydid has quickly learned from her big sister the joys of a tennis ball. So much cuteness in this little petite girl! They enjoy a good game of tug of war with one of their rope toys. These girls share something special - evidenced in watching them! They fill our home and lives with much love! We wanted to share Katydid's forever home, forever loved, forever happy ending story with all coonhound lovers and the ones that yet do not know the joy and pleasure of being parents to the sweetest, gentlest, and loving little gifts - a coonhound!

Warm Regards,
Jim, Ellen, Angela, and Katydid
The Hiltons

Page last updated on 18 August 2019