Itís been 8 months since Kennedy first sniffed my face when I met her at her foster momís house. Since then, she has enjoyed playing in record snowfalls in Virginia and has become so in-synch with our other coonhound, Cleatus, that they even mirror each otherís movements, which weíve captured in pictures. April has special meaning for Kennedy, she was picked up by Hanover county animal control as a stray and began her journey, through Black and Tan coonhound rescue, to find us and her forever home. We love her and we are so happy that AB&TC rescue saved our little girl.

Gina, Bryan, Cleatus and Kennedy

17 April 2010

We are so happy to say that Kennedy is a part of our family. She has really come out of her shell in the last 4 months, although she earned her nickname "Yeti" since her favorite spot at night is in the shadows of our office sleeping quietly only to emerge every so often to make sure we are still home. Kennedy and Cleatus, our other rescue hound, love to play chase in the great room and Kennedy definitely makes up in speed what she lacks in brawn. It's wonderful to watch her frolic and be care-free knowing her lonely past in a shelter and how timid she was when she first joined us. She still gets anxious when we leave for work or errands, but she doesn't fight her crate as much and is starting to understand that good things, like tons of treats and toys, greet her when she goes into her crate. Kennedy is very intelligent and we do have to mix things up a bit for her to keep her anxiety at bay, which has been a good learning experience for me as well. I've never seen a more gentle soul when I look into her eyes.

Thank you for saving these precious dogs!
Gina, Bryan, Cleatus and now Kennedy:o)

3 December 2009