It's been two years now since this little girl came to live with us and what a journey it's been. My husband has been after me to send you an update on her so I finally am taking a minute to do this. Last you heard from us she was on Prozac and I was at my wits' end. Well, what a different dog she is today. Everyone (including the high dollar behaviorist) told us another dog would not help, we would just have two dogs and boy were they wrong. Last February Murphy was the SPCA dog of the week and when he licked the weather man on the chin I said...oh he likes men! I need to get him for Mark (Maudey hated my husband and was so frightened of him she would not eat if he was in the house. Stress diarrhea was a regular occurrence). Murphy is a 4 year old American Foxhound who is the PERFECT alpha for her, calm and obedient, but very much her leader. He has taught her men are OK and life can be fun if you let it!! She now loves my husband almost as much as she is attached to me and has a great life up here in the Sierras!! She is getting over her fear of people very quickly and is comfortable in most any setting. Even learning to be an off leash dog as you can see in these pictures at the lake.

Thanks for bringing her into our lives. We have grown kids and grandkids but these dogs are our babies.

Page last updated on 7 October 2010