Since Black Jax is so black, its hard to get a good picture of him. Here are a couple of photos with our coonhound pack waiting patiently for their treats. Black Jax has been with us about 6 weeks now and the first 3 weeks were pretty hard on him because our Walker, Maggie, went after him on a regular basis. We were concerned that his exuberant personality would be affected but it only took one day of his standing up to her before we knew he was going to be just fine. Were so pleased to have added a Black and Tan coonie to our mix. His attitude is I love you, you love me and all is right with the world. He was a little skinny when we first got him but hes filling out nicely. Rufus, who is the smaller beagle/Walker mix, and Black Jax are great buddies. They can really tear up the yard chasing each other. Every now and then Maggie will get involved but she has a low threshold for patience with a puppy. Fortunately, Black Jax has learned when to leave her alone.

Its hard to say enough words about how much we love having Black Jax with us. Hes a true delight. One of the things well never forget is the first time he chased a squirrel and tried his level best to jump up with tree. We had no idea that he could jump that high. Squirrels pretty much stay in the treetops around our place now. His bay is very memorable too and makes you laugh every time he gets started.

Were trying to make sure Black Jax is socialized so hes been many places with us in the last few weeks. Everyone stops and comments on what a gorgeous dog he is and how loving. All in all we love him very much and wouldnt know how to get along without him.

Betty & Morris (and Rufus, Maggie & Black Jax)

Page last updated on 15 August 2008