We just got back from another trip to Montana. Here are a few pics of Elsie hanging out in our cabin. She is doing great and loves road trips!!
Wendi and Chad

24 September 2011

We're sending some new pictures of Elsie. We just got back from a couple weeks in Montana and it was Elsie's first long trip. She was a little nervous the first night at the cabin but after an early morning hike in the Bitterroot Valley she was loving life again! She did really great, hiking every day then relaxing on the deck while we endulged in a few liquid beverages in the evenings..... Elsie has been with us for 10 months now and she is just one awesome hound!

Wendi and Chad

9 July 2010

Elsie Marie has been with us for just over 6 months now and she is doing great! She and Darla Jean are still best buds and play hard everyday. Elsie has been an easy rescue; she has just made herself at home and minds so very well, always wagging her tail! She loves hiking in the mountains and the dog park the best, but sleeping and lounging are pretty high on her priority list, too.
Wendi and Chad

21 March 2010

Elsie Marie and Darla Jean are still best buds!! Amazing how these two are getting along! We're sending a couple Xmas pics of the two, our other dogs were not interested in modeling........
Wendi and Chad

22 December 2009

Just wanted to send an update on Elsie. She is doing wonderfully! She and Darla Jean play like crazy and curl up together and sleep. She is such a great girl.

She just had surgery to remove a mammary tumor which was malignant. The oncologist said it was a low-grade tumor and the margins were clean, so they are hopeful that it will not have spread to other tissues. Too bad we couldn't have got ahold of her before she had all her pups, but then the Kemp's wouldn't have beautiful Tanner. We are hoping for the best for her, and for many long years with her in our lives.

Thanks for helping save her!
Wendi and Chad

15 October 2009

Letting you know that Elsie has arrived without any problems. She really seems like a great hound!! We thought she might be a little shy or stressed after the long day on the plane but we got her out of the crate and she started wagging her tail right away.

Elsie and Darla, our younger Bluetick, really seem to be bonding and they play like you wouldn't believe! Here are a few pics of the crazy play. Nice to have someone to wear Darla out for us, she is sleeping soundly as we write this!!

Chad and Wendi

31 August 2009