Here's long ago promised pictures of Annie's new home and playpen. She has settled in beautifully, is quite protective of the property - no problem with the invisible fence. She won't go within twenty feet of it. If I go out in the car, no matter how long 30 mins, three hours - when I come back she is where I left her, sitting at the head of the drive, patiently waiting. She sleeps on her soft bed in the hall just outside our bedroom from 8:30 at night until 8:30 in the morning. not a peep. Eats like a horse. I'm keeping her weight even at about 72 pounds , she looks trim, and she is due shortly for a checkup on her previous heart worm shot. Vets adore her. Everyone does. So good natured, so affectionate. Never known a dog like her.She won't eat until she's raised her face to mine to lick my nose in thanks, then she dives in. I give her long walks on the beach which is only a couple of miles from here and where dogs are allowed during the long winter, fall and early spring months. She meets a lot of pals there. Beach is about a mile long. She didn't know what to make of the waves at first but she loves it now. She adores my wife. Robin got back recently from a long two week absence on business and got the wildest greeting imaginable. And she is completely and absolutely bonded to me. Her whole attitude now is that she is one of us. The third member of the family, and not a new one any longer. Can't wait for my grown kids to meet her. One comes back from teaching English in Saigon next week, the other is in Australia working and will be here in June. The Australian gal works for a vet and is an expert on animal behavior.

One happy dog in a home that adores her.

Page last updated on 30 March 2012