Jake (aka King of Hearts) is doing outstanding. He is a spoiled baby who, as I write this, is stretched out across my other couch in the living room and waiting for me to go to bed so he can join me. HA! We have learned he is terrified of storms, loves bananas (love meaning we have to keep them out of his reach even though he eats on average 3-4 a week), and is the most loving dog ever! He loves to take rides, runs a few miles with me each week, is in love with our Redbone, and is enjoying life.

However, one reason for the delay in responding was to wait on contest results for a calender campaign for Nutro Naturals Dog Food...And now I'm proud to announce that Jake is Mr. November 2014 (beating out around 80 other dogs) for their upcoming advertising calender and may also be used in some of their social media campaign ads!!! Not bad for a dog who, just months ago, didn't have a family.

Kind regards,

Page last updated on 25 October 2012