Buddy has been with us now for four months. What a WONDERFUL boy he is. He has been doing some traveling and he is great in the truck. He gets being around the horses. I still keep him on the leash but he moves out of the way and he can walk along with me when I am putting a horse out. He went along with my daughter and myself to pick up a rescue horse. One of the pics is of him in the barn after we brought the horse to its new home. My husband and I took him to Central Oregon with us and took a side trip to Crater Lake. He really is a good in the truck. He waits patiently for his leash before getting out of the truck. He isn't pushy. He is nice to everyone he meets. People want to stop and pet him. He is so handsome. He has put on weight and I think that he has grown taller. I wish I had measured his height when he arrived. I can tell that he is feeling settled. He has his routine and he fits right in.

We all love him and are so blessed to have him in our life. Thanks to AB&TCR for all that you do. We will take good care of him and give him a good life.


11 November 2010

Here is an update on Buddy and some photos. The couch and Jack Russell are at my office (Stella belongs to my granddaughter). The others are wading in Rich Passage (south end of Bainbridge Island) with Mt Rainer in the background. There is a trail through the woods to the beach and we walk with my grandson who is in the pictures.

Buddy is doing very well. He is a quick learner at obedience class. He has gained 6 lbs since being neutered. He still loves a latte; good thing I am not skittish about him licking the lid of my drink. He has started baying when I get out of the car. It only lasts about 30 seconds but sure does attract attention. Yesterday I watched all the people on the other side of Winslow Way looking around, pointing, then smiling. When I came out of the bank there was a man at my car. He had come to look at Buddy and he happened to be someone I know. Everyone loves to look at him and feel his ears. We are doing well. I think Buddy is happy, happy.


25 August 2010

He is so handsome. He came out of the crate nicely at Delta, then we got in the truck and headed for the ferry. You are right about the coffee; I had the remnants of a latte and his nose went right to it. When we boarded the ferry and it got underway there was a nice breeze and we cooled off. He had his head out of the window smelling the new surroundings. Driving home from the ferry, when we turned east along the road on the south side of the harbor, he put his nose out the window and it was really working. I asked him if he could smell the raccoons, possum, and coyote.

When we got home, I had the perfect picture but no camera with me. One of the horses had her head out her feeding window. Buddy put his front legs up on a bale of hay and they were sniffing noses. It was so cute. We were taking the horses out the next day and we have two ponies, Buddy thought that he should jump up and greet them. He will figure it out. And he wanted my coffee this morning. He is fun, I can see it in him already.

We took him with us today to Lowes and Costco. I stayed out in the shade and walked with him. SO many people stopped to pet him and say how beautiful he is. He really draws people in. So he is getting used to riding in the car with me. I will be taking him to work with me every day. He came to my office on Thursday and relaxed on the couch by my desk.

THANK YOU to your group. I am so blessed to have found this guy. He has only been here a week but we all feel like he is a wonderful soul. He sure is playful, so much fun to watch him. He is happy, I can tell.


17 July 2010