Just wanted to send a note to you to let you know how I am doing. Iím Bogart Davis (aka Kooper), I went to my forever home on June 28, 2014, I was a cute 37.5 pounds. Now I am about 100 pounds and some people say Iím a horse. I would like to tell you what a typical week is with my family.

I sleep in my mom and dadís room at night on a big comfy doggie bed. I would rather sleep with them but they say I am a bed hog (I donít know what that means but they said it after I got to sleep with them one night on a camping trip in our new camper) my mom said that I am too big to lay on her all night. I donít see the big deal I just wanted to be close. So I get my own bed in the camper so I am warm and comfy without kicking them out of bed. I do get to get up on their bed when they are cooking. We have been to the beach and the mountains in our camper. I like it a lot, but really if I am with my mom and dad I am happy.

My family does not need an alarm clock anymore because I have taken over that job. At 6am I am the first to put my nose under the covers on my momís side of the bed so I can nuzzle her in the back and surprise her, she always wakes up really fast with my wet nose, then I get as far up on the bed as allowed so I can see dad too. This of course squishes my mom but she laughs Ö then itís time to go to dadís side to lick and wake him up. He loves the kisses, he tells me so all the time. My mom gets in the shower while me and dad sit at the top of the stairs so dad can give me a morning massage and extra love to start my day and wait for mom. When mom is done we go downstairs, dad cuts up a banana and a carrot and adds it to my food YUMMY; mom shares some of her banana with me too every morning. Mom goes to work and dad and I go play in a park near our house; I donít have to have my leash on and I get to run through the woods every morning. I have two friends that are at the park most mornings for me to run and play with; KC is a white lab that I love to roll in the dirt and Luna is a ďHeinz 57. She is very pretty and the 3 of us have so much fun. We run and jump and play and sometimes get really muddyÖwe like that but our parents donít seem to find the humor in it. When dad and I go home he takes a warm damp towel and wipes me down and boy does that feel good. Dad then has to get ready for work so I lay on my big bed upstairs and make sure I donít miss anything that is going on. Then dad goes to work and I get to run free in my house, I love this as I can take all my tennis balls up the stairs and let them roll down and then I can run and get them and do it all over again. I nap a lot during the day too because our morning play is miles and miles so I get a little tired. I never ever chew anything but my toys because that would not be good, and I am a very good dog.? When my dad gets home we get to go up the street to a little park area so I can chase the rope toy and tennis balls and meet other neighbor dogs. I am getting really good at heel, dad says. When we go home after I play, we wait for mom. I can hear momís car before she turns in our street and into the garage my ears are so good. I let dad know sheís home from work. I love to play with my mom, she chases me around and around and up the stairs and down. Dad is cooking while I play with mom, he laughs at us a lot. When itís time for dinner I know that I need to go lay in my downstairs comfy bed by the fireplace while mom and dad eat. After mom clears the table THEN itís my time to eat. My dad always fixes me something special and I jump and rooo, stick my head in the pantry to watch dad and make sure he is giving me enough food (sometime I have to yip to tell him more). After dinner I get to get in my mom or dadís lap to watch TV and snuggle. BTWÖ.they have never let any of their other dogs on the furniture before so I guess I am really special to them. My mom calls me and dad OAFís whatever that means.

At least one day a week I get to go to work with my dad. That is really fun because I get to see Heather (she hides cheezits for me to find) and I get to see Kate (she usually has treats too). I have my own bed in the office so I can take little naps, but I hate to do that because I may miss something, like clients coming in or UPS. I think my dadís clients really like me too. On Fridays my dad doesnít work so we get to go places and play all day long. I love riding in the jeep and meeting new people where ever we go. We go to Rudyís sometimes for lunch and I get to sit outside with my dad and everyone comes out and pets me and says what a handsome boy I am. On the weekends my mom is home so I get to spend more time with my friends running in the park. Sundays I get my bath. I go into the bathroom and get in the bathtub and wait for my dad to come wash me and clean my ears. Itís not my favorite but I do it for my mom and dad. Then we go outside and I lay in the sun and my dad trim my toenails, my dad gives me a lot of good dog treats for being so good. Then its football time and I get to sit with dad and mom and have snacks while we watch Sunday football. By Sunday night I am a tired puppy and have a good nightís sleep to start another week. I have to get up early you know to get my humans up.

I think I got a really good family to take care of and want to thank the ABTCR and Chauveen for helping me find them. My mom and dad always say you donít get the dog you want you get the dog you need. I guess they really needed me because they really love me a lot.

Bogart Davis

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