4 years ago today, we brought home Krimson (now Chloe) who was found wandering the streets in Citrus County, Fl. She joined Rudy (fka Sawyer) who we rescued 2 years earlier, also found wandering, but in Gainesville. They both joined our Dalmatian, Dixie, who we rescued TEN years earlier. Yes, wandering the streets in Sault St Marie, MI in February !! We lost Dixie in March at age 16 but she taught Rudy and Chloe so much and she will always be with us in spirit.

THANK YOU for all you do. You bring so much love into people's hearts and homes!

4 July 2016

We LOVE Chloe and we know she loves us, too! Thank you again for all that you do. Without this team, hard to say where this wonderful dog would have ended up.

She is amazing! Beautiful, healthy, smart and Oh So SWEET. She and Rudy love to play and make sure that all the "critters" stay out of HER yard. She totally respects Dixie and watches her every move. When all 3 of them are playing, Chloe makes sure that Rudy doesn't get too rough with Dixie. If he starts, she sneaks in and from underneath, grabs his leg and pulls him down. Then Dixie gets her chance to be in charge!

Thanks again for making it possible for her to come and live with us!

Dave and Julie Mendenhall

4 October 2012