Just wanted to give you an update on Our Girl! The progress between her and our cat, Toby, has been better than I ever expected! I’m not sure if anyone really knows what to expect…. BUT Jeff and I were sure Toby would have still been under a bed somewhere. Anyway, all of their interactions have been pretty calm and direct. Blue comes up to check Toby out, Toby growls, Blue tucks her tail and quietly scoots away. They can be in the same room together, which in my mind is HUGE, but Toby stares at Blue and makes her a little nervous (it’s kinda cute to see) and then Blue make her way around him (the long way around) to come sit behind me. I think she feels safe with me, which just makes my heart smile! So we're doing GREAT! She has ONLY had two accidents! We are so proud of her! She is just so funny with all of her little idiosyncrasies and the faces she makes are priceless! We seem to have a very happy hound on our hands! Friday will be the test, it will be the first day that we will both be at work for a while. The pictures are too funny! “The STARE DOWN” between Toby and Blue, “Hiding behind her Momma” is where she retreated to when Toby stared at her too long, and “stretched out” was her nap after her breakfast!

Thanks for everything!
Amanda and Jeff

Page last updated on 5 July 2012