Annie is such a great best friend and partner in crime. We have really worked on getting her to come out of her shell and now she is able to walk on any hike with me, staying by my side the whole time, wearing her dog pack while strangers pass by. We recently took a cross country trip from California to Tennessee together, and my husband Chad met us there. Annie and I stopped in Moab, Utah to visit a friend and went on two really awesome hikes there. We then made our way to Colorado to visit some other friends and went on some awesome hikes there as well. She got her meet her really good play buddy, Peter, a viszla hound dog mix.

When my husband flew into Nashville, TN, we picked him up and took him back to meet my family. It was my siste'rs wedding and there were 50 people there and Annie stayed right by my side meeting everyone and only got really nervous once.

We took 15 people on a hike in the Big South Fork recreation area. All of these people were of different physical abilities. Annie was the carrier of the First Aid kit and she did an amazing job. She knows all her commands and is so gentle on the trail. She doesn't push by anyone and mostly stays right by my side unless I tell her to "go ahead." Whenever I call her "back," she runs back to me and gets right on my heels.

There was one person on the trip that she didn't not want to leave his side. He had some major knee issues throughout life and Annie knew that she needed to stick close to him. Whenever he wasn't in sight, she was biting the bit (so to say) to get to him! Everyone told her how great of a puppy she is and how beautiful and gentle she is.

I love every second I am with her.
Jackie Crosthwait

24 October 2010

We adopted "Lady I Can't Explain," now Annie, the last weekend of January. She has blossomed into the best dog friend of our dreams. When we got her, she was really nervous and scared of everyone and everything. Now we can take her on backpacking trips out into the wilderness with groups of people and by the end of the weekend, she is letting everyone pet her and talk to her.

We take her out on the ranch with us when we go to mend fence, cut firewood, work with cattle and much much more. We never have to use a leash in the back country because she always stays within eye sight. She listens to all our commands no matter who is around, or how many other dogs are doing their own thing. She loves to run in large open spaces like fields or the beach. She'll run so fast that her hind legs will go up over her ears! Other dogs try to keep up, but she is by far the fastest.

She has her favorite blanket that we take with her everywhere. When ever we need her to to be calm and lay down for a bit, either in the back country or at someone's home, we just lay down her blanket and she knows to stay.

She loves her two cat friends. The younger cat and her run up and down the hallway in the mornings. When ever he runs to the window to look at a bird or something outside, Annie dog goes right with him.

She definitely is the dog of our dreams. We are so very proud of her and so glad the rescue is in place to bring dogs like her to homes that really love and cherish them.

Jackie and Chad Crosthwait

3 May 2010