Jeb had to have microscopic surgery done yet again on his left shoulder. He had microscopic surgery on both shoulders Christmas-time 2013. Now due to yet more excessive cartilage growing between the joints (OCD), which caused him much pain when he played, he had surgery again on 02/11/16. He hurt the shoulder recently playing in the snow with his sister, Mosby. This poor soul should be able to play without any pain! Here’s hoping that this time the surgery is a complete success so we all do not have to go through this again. Attached are a few pictures of Jeb before and after. I put a t-shirt on him instead of the nasty E-Collar; this way he will not bother his incisions, and his sister Mosby will not be able to use her nursing skills by licking the stitches.

Thank you for all you do for the dogs.
Lori A. Ferry

20 March 2016

It was a long ride from Alabama to Pennsylvania, so after a much needed bath I made myself right at home on the loveseat and took a long nap (see attached pic). I found out that I have 2 older sisters (both also rescues); the old gal, “Scheidnagle” (Shi Shi for short), a 10 ˝ year old German Shepherd and “Mosby”, a 11 month old Bulldog/Pitbull mix who is my playmate and constant companion. I was having a pretty good time for a while running around, but suddenly developed a problem where both of my front legs were very sore. Mom took me to the vet and I was diagnosed with “OCD - Osteochondritis Dissecans” which meant I had excessive cartilage in both shoulders and needed them both operated on to remove it. My surgery was a success and instead of having to wear the E-Collar, so I would not chew my stitches or incision, Mommy dressed me in T-shirts of my favorite team the “Philadelphia Eagles!” Nevertheless, they did nickname me the “Southern Gentleman” so I would not forget my Alabama roots. I enjoy living up north in Pennsylvania, except in the coldest of winter when Mommy makes me wear my coat in the snow. I would like to thank Jayne Schlegel and my Foster Mom Donna Davis, for helping me relocate to my forever home.

Still Baying,

13 July 2014