We wanted to reach out to a special ”mom” in our lives that rescued, fostered, cared and found our “forever” home. We are happy, healthy and loved unconditionally by our family. We stay close to Mom during the day in her office and have a daily ride mid-day (we love to ride!) to a boat ramp park where we can walk close to the woods and “socialize” with other people. Other times we can go out back in the fenced yard and watch the water and the boats from afar, although we prefer to stay inside on comfy couches and dog beds. At night we eat, chew bones, watch TV and then sleep with or close by our humans. We have access to the whole house and our humans learned very quickly they can leave us in the house and we are always good dogs (although they bought a Nest to spy on us to make certain we were).

We just wanted to give you an update that we are doing well, and our humans seem very happy to have us with them. They tell us all the time how much they love us and that we rescued them, although we don’t really know what that means.

Thank you for being our foster Mom – we have not forgotten how important you are to us and our journey in life.

Otis and Poppy

Page last updated on 1 June 2019