Hi, I'm Elvis and wanted to tell you my story. I never really got to the website but was adopted through American Black and Tan Coonhound Rescue. Tom and Reggi were considering a dog in Wisconsin when I just happened to show up lost in Elyria, OH. They live in Lakewood, Ohio so when Reggi came to see me at the Elyria shelter I turned on the charm. They adopted me on Tuesday, June 10th. We got off to a bit of a rough start at first; I escaped from their fenced-in yard and was immediately arrested by the Lakewood Dog warden. Reggi bailed me out of jail 26 hours after I had been adopted. Then I came down with kennel cough but they nursed me through it. Now I am very happy with my new home, I have a brother, Buddy, who was adopted 14 years ago as a puppy. I have plenty of friends to play with; three pugs: Gizmo, Murphy and Dodger, Riley my cousin, and Maddie a husky mix who is about the same age as me (she's my girlfriend). We are taking obedience school together and have play dates all the time since her owner Ruth Ann is a friend of Reggi's. I have a very big back yard (with a brand new invisible fence so I don't get in trouble anymore). I think I have decided that I like it here - great yard, great friends and people who love me.


Page last updated on 19 November 2008