I've always wanted a Bluetick Coonhound puppy, and one night last January, I took a spin through the ABTCR website, and I recognized one. I'd never seen Little Betty before. She wasn't a puppy, or a Bluetick, but I turned to my partner and said, "That's my dog." I applied to adopt her the next day.

This week we marked one year since we brought Little Betty home. She had a rough go of it before being scooped up and placed with a loving temporary home in Mobile, and even after six months of foster care, nobody really knew what to expect. What we discovered is a joyful, goofy, sneaky, clever little love battery, that also happens to be the snuggliest dog in recorded human history. She has brought warmth to our feet and happiness to our hearts every day of the past year, loves every person she meets, and is the best decision we've made in a long, long time.

Thank you, ABTCR, for everything you do, and for completing our little tribe.

With gratitude,
Holly and Betty

Page last updated on 9 February 2022