Well, I think it is time to update you on Bear again. He is doing fantastic. I honestly can't believe this is the same dog.

Let me first start with his weight. This big boy hit the 99 pound mark. Our vet would like him around 90, so we are trying to cut back (it can be tough when he starts baying at you because he is still hungry). He is also a food thief! You cannot leave anything close to the edge of the counter or he will lean against the counter and eat it! (I caught him after continually seeing fur on my counters!)

We have also been seeing the vet about his eyes. He has conjunctivitis in both eyes, but his tear production is amazing. The vet wanted to take him off the medicine for a week and Bear passed with flying colors. So now we use drops twice a day just for his conjunctivitis.

Also, the vet had discussed the tumor on his eye with a specialist, and they said it could come off without hurting him. So we went ahead and did the surgery. He had the tumor on his eye, a glandular tumor on his left side around his rib cage, and a large one hanging on his lip. The tumor on his eye was on the line between his cornea and the white of his eye, so there is still a small nodule on his eye that they just couldn't remove. They were all removed and Bear is happier than ever. We had the tumor on his eye sent off to be tested so we can determine what it was and what may have caused it. His conjunctivitis is clearing up! Also, the ladies at the vetís office know him by name and absolutely LOVE when we come in. We have been going in about once a month for eye testing and follow up visits.

He seems to have an extra pep in his step now that he is tumor free. We go for long (1 mile to 2 mile) walks every other day. Bear and Rex (his black & tan coonhound brother) are fantastic walkers. They know "loose leash," and to be honest, if they didn't Iím not sure I could walk them (together they weigh 180 pounds)!

I won't lie and say that Bear isn't extra special to me. I have a feeling that he was abused a bit before your organization rescued him. I have pampered and babied him. I take him everywhere with me in my truck. He loves riding with his face out the window. I do all the cleaning of his ears, all the eye drops, and the vet visits.

Bear has become my shadow when I am home. He loves for me to get down on my knees and wrap my arms around his chest and lay my head on him. I often times walk into our bedroom and find Bear sprawled across our king sized bed napping in the dark. He will sleep with us a lot of the time (along with his brother Rex - yes it gets crowded), but he does have a big bed of his own.

He is also amazing with our 6 year old, Jeremiah. He has a special, gentle way with Jeremiah. It is like he instinctively knows how much smaller he is. He loves to smooch on Jeremiah, and when Jeremiah naps, Bear will lay by his door waiting patiently for him to wake up.

We are just one big happy family. I cannot imagine my life without this big wonderful boy. He makes me smile and laugh every single day. He has this HUGE personality, a playful spirit, and a big loving heart. Thank you all! May you all be as blessed as we feel with Bear! I honestly can't thank you all enough for bringing this amazing boy into our lives. We love him so much and we feel so blessed that we have him.


20 January 2012

I wanted to send an update on our beautiful boy! He is so happy. He has become so comfortable here. At first he seemed apprehensive, but now he is right at home. He follows me everywhere and is very protective. He is definitely sweet on me :) He is getting less aggressive about his food. His eyes are doing great. His new brother, Rex, helps keep them clean and also keeps his jowls clean!! Slobber is the new decorative feature in every room and we wouldn't have it any other way. He is really amazing. He loves our long walks, and absolutely loves Jeremiah, our 5 year old. He has hit the 90 lbs mark. Thank you all.


20 November 2011

We are extremely happy. It makes me so sad to think of anyone hurting this amazing dog. My vet absolutely LOVED him. He is so excited to work with him. Dr. Ward told me he was so happy that we adopted him. What makes me so sad is that he is such a rare colored bloodhound, with beautiful perfect markings, and the most agreeable and gentleman like attitude. He is really just the missing piece to our family. Thank you for all you do. We will be adopting again after this amazing experience. I am adding some pictures of him fitting in with our family. We did rename him. We tried Leon and Hank. He wouldn't respond (maybe he was being stubborn). We went with Bear (short and sweet). So his name is Bear Bryant (Zack received his PhD in Music at the University of Alabama and is a huge Alabama football fan). I mostly call him "son", like I do with Rex. They really are my children. He is the best alarm clock, I am woke up every morning with his big nose nudging me! I teared up today thinking about not having him around. Thank you again for giving us this wonderful blessing.

Cassie and Zack

24 September 2011