Itís hard to believe itís been 3-1/2 years since adopting Dave and Jetta. We moved last year and they now have a bigger fenced-in yard complete with squirrels and rabbits. Both hounds are doing great and keep us laughing all the time. Dave and Jetta love each other and stick together like glue.

Dave is still the fastest counter surfer/food thief in Southeast Tennessee. He makes sure everyone knows the world revolves around him. He takes an Apoquel each morning and it has helped him tremendously. We can see a big change in his demeanor. He can finally focus and comprehend instructions.

Jetta has come a long way, too. She is no longer the shy introvert we met in 2011. Jetta loves running through the back yard and insists we chase her. She has become a very sweet and loving dog and always asks friends/visitors for attention.

Thanks to ALL who are involved with making the American Black & Tan Coonhound Rescue a successful organization. We are so in love with these hounds.

Lynda and John

27 November 2014

It has been over a year since we updated Happy Endings with Dave (Black and Tan Coonhound) and Jetta (Plott Hound). They are both doing great! Dave continues to be "Dennis the Menace" and will NEVER grow up. Jetta is no longer shy or timid; in fact, she asks visitors for belly rubs. They are inseparable. Even visits to the vet are family affairs. Both have added a few pounds, but diets have started this week. I guess that goes along with being spoiled.....

These hounds are great additions to our family. We can't imagine life without them. Thanks for allowing us to adopt these hound dogs and for all the efforts of the American Black and Tan Coonhound Rescue Group.

Lynda and John

19 June 2012

We are doing great and enjoying/loving these hounds so much! As you can see by the picture, Dave and Jetta continue to live the "ruff" life! They are already so spoiled and have done an excellent job training John and I. They are "out of school" for the summer, but will probably start another class later this year after the weather cools.

Lynda and John

25 May 2011

Just wanted you to see these babies after their second session of school. Dave was MUCH better this weekend at our class. We worked with them a lot last week, and it certainly paid off. Jetta was the "star" again, and it is amazing how well she performs now that she has relaxed so much. She still has her moments, but majority of the time she is OK. Dave charms the socks off everyone, but still bays occasionally at the other "little" dogs.

Dave and Jetta send sloppy kisses.
Lynda and John

4 April 2011

We are pleased that everything is going so well. Dave and Jetta (we changed her name and it appears she is responding to that already) are loving their back yard, romping and playing. I work on the computer in the breakfast area, and there are two beautiful sleeping babies on their beds at my feet. We are headed out for a walk shortly. The walks seem to boost Jetta's confidence alot; Dave has enough confidence for everyone! They both behave beautifully meeting new folks, dogs, children. I'm so proud of them. We saw our vet this weekend and Dave and Jetta were considered to be in "excellent" health. We had nails done while we were there. They behaved perfectly.

Today we went shopping at Petco and PetSmart. We couldn't have asked for better behavior. Everyone wanted to pet them and commented on their behavior. It's so wonderful having a pet that can ride in the car without incident and enjoy themselves for an outing. Jetta still needs Dave to "lead the way" through these experiences, but she handles them very well. Her confidence continues to grow.

Again, Rescue has made this transition so easy for John and I. Thank you so much for all your efforts. It shows with Dave and Jetta that they had the very best of care and nuturing before we were lucky enough to know them. We couldn't be happier.

Thanks again for everything,
Lynda and John Brudvig

12 March 2011