In April my husband and I adopted two coonhounds from your organization, Levi (who was about 1 1/2) and Pluto (9 weeks). You did such a fantastic job working with us to get the boys up to us in Maine despite our somewhat crazy schedule! I also can't say enough about their foster Moms - Jan and Claudia - both dogs arrived happy and healthy. Despite Levi's rough start he arrived wonderfully crate trained, doesn't make "mistakes" in the house, and has great manners - I give Jan all the credit for that! Claudia did a great job also making sure Pluto was getting a healthy, happy start. I'm confident Pluto has no idea he came from a rescue situation!

The boys go everywhere with me or my husband, especially on the weekends (sometimes we divide and conquer) - whether its a trip to the hardware store (where they have a bird-dog friend to play with) or for a walk in the woods - they are fantastic companions! They also love all the dogs at doggy-day care - from the Jack Russell to the Saint Bernard - they play with them all.

Both are learning about their "brother," Skippy (a 24 year old Quarter Horse), with the respect he deserves. I'm also thrilled with how they've adapted to an invisible fence - with proper training it's worked wonders. It's really fun to watch the boys safely zooming in and out of the pine trees in a game a tag. I've attached a couple of photo of the boys enjoying their new life. We spend a fair amount of time on our boat in the summer which both boys really enjoy!

Thank you for all you do to help such wonderful dogs find owners who will be their best friends. It's our good fortune to have found Levi and Pluto, not the other way around!

Andrea Shaw

Page last updated on 12 August 2011