Licorice, now Dexter, is adjusting quite nicely to life in the country. He was a good boy for his 2 hour ride home, napping and playing with his toy. Dexter loves playing with his new big brother, Jim, our B&T Coonhound. The two boys love running and tumbling out in the pastures. He is making good progress on all training, as he is a smart, eager-to-please pup. Only a few accidents in the house, but he is certainly getting better at that. He is a character! Happy and exuberant, but also easy-going and mellow mannered. Dexter runs to his kennel, wiggling the whole time awaiting his meals! And he is growing up, too- he is now pushing 60 pounds. We play music in the house, and he wasn't too sure about the fiddle to start, but now he does't mind. He also didn't know what to make of the goats, but now just pays them no mind either. He also enjoys going to my place of work (vet clinic) and meeting new friends. Everyone enjoys seeing him! Today is a rainy day (again) and he is just happy as a clam lying on the floor next to my feet.

Thanks to you all for letting this special hound come home!

Page last updated on 8 August 2013