Emmitt has smiled at me from the first day I got him. He now smiles a lot to greet people and especially those folks he loves. I have been able to teach him to smile on command (most of the time) and he gets really excited and smiles a lot when several of us are laughing. In this picture we were laughing at him because my neighbors at work put a pink scarf and yellow bows on him as a joke on me. Emmitt found it funny, too. This is the first time I have been able to get a good pic of him smiling. Enjoy!

30 April 2008

Emmitt and Indian Maiden

Emmitt and Opus

My love affair with Black and Tans began in 1997 with Elvis. In June of 2007 we were so fortunate to be given the opportunity through ABTCR to adopt a wonderful new boy that we named Emmitt. He had been at our local shelter for two weeks. I had been praying for God to send us just the right hound for us. When I went to get Emmitt and found out that the shelter people had been calling him "Elvis," I knew prayers had been answered. He is adorable! Naturally, we think so. Such a sweet, affectionate puppy. He is smart and learning a lot at his puppy classes. He loves everyone and everything; never meets a stranger and even loves some of my ill-tempered small dogs! He loves to ride in the car and play tennis ball with his foster brother, Opus, and just hang out with his foster sister, Indian Maiden. He is ready for his bed at night and just crashes. He is a "smiler", too, but that smile is elusive for the camera.

Thanks to ABTCR for all the wonderful lives you save and especially for this wonderful boy!
Norma and Ed Belford

30 August 2007