Just sending an update on Dooley and Abby. They are the best dogs ever. Abby really likes her older brother. Since Dooley arrived Abby is calmer and very easy going. She is just a wonderful joy. Dooley is a great dog- just your best friend always. He is not a big fan of going on walks- just wants to hang out at home and get our attention. Their crates are next to each other and they both sleep in they every night. Instead of Abby waking us up at 7 am, it is now Dooley who is barking. He gets so excited to see us that he does a little dance, jumps up and cannot calm down. It is very cute. When we are watching TV, Abby is eager to get in the chair with us- she is very athletic!

Thanks for these two great dogs- we are very thankful for all the work you do every day to save these dogs.


11 April 2009

Just wanted to send our happy endings to you for Abby aka "Lita." We have had Abby for just over a month and she has settled in very well. She is the only dog and gets lots of attention. She is very sweet and loves her toys. Bones are her favorite :). Your rescue is a gift. Abby was so well cared for by her foster mom, Jan, that it has been an easy transition for her to come live with us. Thank you for the patience you gave her to help her over her timidness. We plan on getting a crate at my office to further help her develop her people skills. She loves to go on walks and now that we have had a break in this freezing winter weather we have been out more often. I check back on your site often and am so happy to see so many dogs getting forever homes. Great job and keep up the good work- it is working!

Dawn Kenderdine

8 February 2009