Just wanted to update you on Miss Lola, a beautiful Blue Tick I adopted from ABTCR and have had for a little over a year now - she's been so much fun. She's the sweetest girl and is always happy to see you when you get home. She also loves going on road trips and the dog beach on the weekend and sniffing everything in sight. She doesn't lick but instead hits you with her cold wet nose anytime she gets excited or wants a little attention. She's been fun to train and has learned to sit, stay, lay down, roll, and of course speak (everyone loves that howl). She's a great dog and I'm glad we could give her a good permanent home after her early struggles in life. Lola's got a sweet personality and a curious nose that tends to get her in trouble on occasion - but you can't help but love her.


Page last updated on 24 November 2012