I can't believe Lola has already been with us for two weeks! She has been a great addition to our family, and she seems like a very happy girl! I've attached some pictures from our two week photo shoot last night. Really, it was Landry and Lola running around and playing and me trying to get decent pictures of them, but I'll call it a photo shoot!

She has seen grasshoppers, cows, and horses for what seems like her first time, and her reactions to each one have been priceless! She seems to be thoroughly enjoying everything about her new life (especially her food and treats)! I think you will notice from her new pictures that the TEN pounds that she has gained since she was rescued look great on her! She will go back to the vet for another check up in about a week, and I expect that all will go well. Thanks again for everything that you all did to help bring her into our lives!

Lauren and Robert Lambert

Page last updated on 19 June 2012