A year has went by so fast! Daisy continues to just bring me more joy than I could ever imagine. She is such a happy dog. She enjoys going out on the town, or sleeping in at home. She wants to help and be a part of whatever I am doing. We have started doing Rally-O and she has earned two out of the three legs she needs for her rally novice title! She continues to try and rid her world of those pesky squirrels.

I love having her in my life!

16 August 2011

Daisy Mae has been here almost 3 months now. Her transport got here in the middle of the night and she slept the whole way home. She is an absolute joy to have in my life and it seems as if she were made just for me.

Bella (my bluetick coonhound) loves having a sister around. Daisy has been teaching her the fine art of squirrel hunting. Daisy is so easy going, she loves everyone she meets, and she grunts while I rub her ears which is really cute. She loves riding in the car and is always ready for her next adventure, whether its a vet visit or a trip to an outdoor event. She has learned the word "kong" and gets very excited play bowing, and jumping around waiting for me to give her one.

She still hates getting up early in the morning. I compare trying to get her up in the morning like trying to get a teenager up on the weekends.

Daisy did give me a scare. She had some constipation issues when she got here which led her to be nauseated. Sometime in the night (her 8th night with me) she ate some of her bedding trying to make herself throw up and gave herself a bowel obstruction. After emergency surgery, she made a full recovery.

Bella and I are so glad Daisy came to live with us!

9 October 2010