Thought I'd email so you could see how your two fosters are getting along. Riley's been with me now for 6 months and Gracie's been in our little pack for almost three months now. It seems like just yesterday I brought both of them home but they've been doing great and the two have become pretty good friends. They are enjoying daycare a couple times a week and are favorites with everyone in my building. The leasing ladies absolutely love them so they get lots of cookies. Riley is finishing up his advanced obedience class and is the star pupil. He's also developed a real love of big balls and is constantly running around with one in his mouth. I'm hoping to get him into some tracking work later this summer. Gracie is also learning some tricks at home and as always is a huge cuddle pup. She's still working on the car anxiety but is getting better. Daycare has really brought her out of her shell and it seems that she enjoys running around there. They both marched in the St Patty's Day parade in Annapolis. They both did great and wore themselves out with all the new sights and smells. Even got to try some frozen yogurt.

Thanks again for all you do.

Brittney, Riley, and Gracie

Page last updated on 20 April 2014