Mater is 80 lbs and is now 3. We just bought a house and it has plenty of room for Mater and his sisters. I hope he will do just as good this final move as he did with the first two. First on the project list is a nice run for the pups. Then on to an invisible fence and training for the pups. We couldn't be happier with our boy and how far he has come with his food aggression issue. We can now leave the crates open and each dog will eat their own food. As long as each dog has a bone or treat at the same time Mater will also eat in peace. He has also done well with the youngest nephews although we can only allow interaction while Mater is in the crate, the boys are still too small to play with him but Mater LOVES them.

Beth and Russell

24 December 2015

Mater is doing great! He is about 80 lbs now and will be 3 in May. We unfortunately lost his brother, Rocko, last November. He fought a long battle with an auto immune disease. Since Mater was very depressed we rescued a girl and they are just like brother and sister. Noelle is a sweet pit mix who's family's little boy was really rough with her. So they didn't want to take her back to the shelter and it was such a great fit for us. Then in March we found a dog on our street who was in bad shape.We got her back in good shape and she and Mater are like 2 love birds. We believe Sunshine is a black mouth cur, but whatever she is she definitely is a ray of sunshine. We also fostered 2 girls for ABTCR and Mater got put in line by the older one.

He has survived a move from Jacksonville to Tallahassee and back to Jacksonville. He has done very well and is learning new commands everyday and even puts himself in his crate now. The only thing we haven't been able to get under control is his love to jump our fence, once we get our own house we will be putting in a 6 foot fence so he can be off the lead.

Beth and Russell

27 November 2014

We have had him just shy of 5 months, he is 8 months old now and weighs 61.2 pounds. He got another sibling his name is Rocko. We took him from a bad situation and were planning on fostering him but he and Mater are inseparable. We are dealing with some aggression issues around food but it's getting better. He will be going to behavior class later this month. We finally found 2 toys he loves, a stuffed Mater and stuffed angry bird. He also has a beautiful bay; our neighbors don't think so but I do. We have no problem with animals in our yard. He is definitely a momma's boy too.

Beth and Russell

6 January 2013

We wanted to give you an update on our rescue. We have named him Mater after the Disney/Pixar film character from Cars and Cars 2. He has been a joy. He has 3 "dog" siblings; they get along just great and he even has taught my brother's lab mix (3months old) to bay. We are going through the chewing on everything phase right now, but otherwise he is doing great. He loves to lay around on the couch when he's not playing outside or with the other dogs. He loves to snuggle with me at night and always sleeps on my feet or legs. He is already 40 pounds and over 2 feet tall, we have had him for almost 2 months now.

Beth and Russell

4 October 2012