Ma Barker arrived on Wednesday, April 16, a day late anniversary present for my husband. She has been renamed Layla. She is a wonderful addition to our family. She is doing good on her house breaking; helps that she follows the other dogs outdoors. She loves to play with the children and her big brothers and sister dogs.

She has gained weight since she got here and eats like a horse, loves her balls and rope toys. She has made quick friends with all the dogs and even gets to sleep along side our 10 yer old terrier and sometimes in the same dog bed as our 14 year old daushund. But her best friends are our 1 year old daughter and our 2 year old Lab, Ozzy.

We are so glad we were able to provide a loving forever home for her and hope in the near future to provide a home for another coonhound so Layla will have someone just like her to play with.

Jess and Jennifer Engellant

Page last updated on 24 April 2008