Quick update on these two; they are doing really well so far and settling into our routines. Macon seems completely happy to be here and Mabel is slowly getting more comfortable, but they are both very loving and sweet already so that's a good sign. He seems easier to train and actually has less separation anxiety than she does when they are walked separately - go figure! We had one incident of counter surfing when we weren't home (I hope they enjoyed those croissants!) and we are still working on keeping them off the sofas and beds, but overall they are angels in the house and yard.

Vet visit went better than expected and today they had their first visit to the dog park where they did exceptionally well. Leash walking is still a challenge, but the trainer is confident that we can get that sorted in a few sessions and every time they get a little more socialized to the idea of the leash and the car. Macon does not have parasites, so we are feeding him 3X a day to see if we can get weight on him. In a few weeks we'll weigh him again and he'll get more tests if he just isn't putting on weight at that point.

Liz Reuth

Page last updated on 19 January 2020