Rudy is doing great. He really is a very nice boy. He has gotten a bit bigger and filled out a lot. He is very handsome. His only bad habits are, barking very loudly when he is excited or when little Breeze takes his toy, and peeing on the horse's hay. I go out and put down fresh hay for the horses in the pasture, he comes out and pees on it. The horses won't touch it once it's been peed on so then I gather it up and put more down. Someone should make a video. Thankfully, we have lots of hay. It has been pretty cold here and he is out with me most of the time. He does seem to mind the cold and was shivering a lot so here he is in his new winter coat. No, he doesn't go hunting, the orange is so I can see him when he's away from me. He actually waits for the coat to be put on. We love him lots!


Page last updated on 24 February 2009