Maude Charlotte and I are celebrating her one year adoptiversary and thought you might like some photos. She's doing really well!


23 April 2019

She is doing really well!!! She is now eager to go on walks and looks really sad when she doesn't get to leave with me. Now that she wags her tail on walks, she gets lots of love from the folks on the street, which makes her tail wag more, which means even more love.....she is basically living the dream.

She jumps up from her bed when I grab the leash. She has not had a single accident in the house since her second day with me, so she now has full house privileges. I still direct her to her crate when I'm leaving, but only so that she knows she is not going with me and that I'm not coming right back (she cries when I leave briefly - if I take out the trash or pick up the mail, I think, because she wants to go with me, but does not if I put her in her crate). I do leave the door open though and she just moves from one of her three beds throughout the day. My friends and neighbors with dogs have dog envy.

I had to get creative with the cat food, because she LOVES cat food and my cat is underweight, so I just keep food out to encourage her to eat. Cindy now has a special cat closet! The two of them got into a sparring match the other day. I'm not sure what happened, but the cat had cornered the dog in the guest room - I had to perform a rescue - but they both got over it quickly and are buddies again.

We went to a pet fair this weekend and she had a lot of fun. I've attached a photo.


3 July 2018