We wanted to give you an update on Bubba. He is doing somewhere between very good to great. He is settling in nicely and we are enjoying him. He is still a needy dog - he needs his ear rubs and belly rubs. Bubba does think he is a lap dog. He is getting along well with everyone and other dogs. He and Boscoe are getting along great. We are not having any food or other aggression issues from either. They are both very laid back and easy going dogs. There is a bit of a contest to see which dogs goes to bed first at night and gets the big dog pillow in the bedroom. The other has to sleep in their crate. Bubba and our daughter's puppy play all day on the days we have to puppy sit. This makes for a quiet day of sleeping the next day for both Bubba and the puppy. Bubba could care less about our cat or chickens. He will walk right past the cat in order to track where she has been. It is more fun tracking than harassing the cat. However, Bubba is very interested in getting to our rabbits. Apparently, the rabbits smell really good. Bubba is housetrained and cratetrained. He has not had any accidents in the house. He will sleep quietly all night in his crate.

We are having a couple of small issues with him as he gets more comfortable in the house. These are all breed traits that we were warned about and learning to live with. Bloodhound drool is a thing - we are keeping towels around. Bubba will definitely counter surf. You have to keep an eye on him when food is out on the counters. He has also figured out how to open the latch on the dog food container. That will be going into the closet or will we getting a container with a bloodhound proof latch.

Thank you,
Randy Awald

Page last updated on 15 November 2021