It has been a whole year since we adopted McHenry and we wanted to share a few pictures with you and let you know he adjusted very well. His personality is absolutely everything you said he would be. Much to my wife (and cats) delight he cannot be bothered with the cats and one of them actually is quite smitten by him always looking to give him a rub and some affection. He still loves his daily walks and riding in the truck. And when I go out without taking him for the ride I get "the sad floppy ear look." Anyone who has met him falls in love with him right away and so many of my friends now have an interest in coonhounds. All because of his friendly personality and calm demeanor.

I have told anyone who will listen about the great work you do rescuing these dogs and sing your praise to each one of them. We are thankful you helped us find Henry and enjoy having him as a part of our family.

Tim Zyla

Page last updated on 20 April 2014