I have been taking Guinness to a lot of dog parks to get him used to other dogs. He can now walk without barking too much because every time he barked I would make him lay down, which he hated, so he now just whines when he wants to bark. I have figured out that he barks a lot when he is really, really excited. There is this one dog park we take him to called the river walk and as soon as he gets out of the truck he barks all the way to the gate, but then he is as quiet as can be on the way back. Overall he is doing really well, put on about 15 pounds but still looks good and his new favorite toy is this big tug rope I just bought him. I have taught him sit, paw, and lay down. We are working on stay.

We just got back from a week in the Smoky Mountains, so I have included some updated pics. Thanks again for everything and please keep in touch.


11 March 2012

I just wanted to give you an update on McNeill, now named Guinness Neek. Guinness is just as you described him and is currently doing great. We have been training him to walk on a leash with out pulling or barking every other step. He is progressing good and really loves to go to the dog park. We feel he is now in a good routine and loves our other dog Memphis. Every time Memphis barks or cries, Guinness is right there to investigate. We still have never heard him growl or do anything even remotely aggressive, he is a sweet boy. His favorite thing to do now is eat bones and go walking in the woods. We took him to the vet 3 days after I got him and he had a small ear infection, which is gone now and needed a leptospirosis shot. He was also tested for heart worms so that we can change his monthly prevention and he was negative... SO, medically he is all good!

Thanks again for helping us get such a great dog.
Have a Blessed and Safe 2012,

31 December 2011