Just a note to let you know what has been going on with Miranda. When I first adopted her, she was ultra-shy - afraid of almost everything, because she'd spent her entire life having puppies.

Now? Well, she'll never be a fan of high winds or strong thunderstorms, but Miranda's fears have pretty much been conquered. She walks great on a leash, jumps in the car without hesitation and even doesn't mind trips to the vet! Miranda is loved by everyone on the street (they all tell her how beautiful she is) and she loves to play a game with them. They try for a pet and Miranda will run backwards a few feet, trying to entice them into chasing her.

I've attached a couple of photos of Miranda during this past winter's multi-snow event. As you can see, she loves being outside in up to 5 feet of snow. The group hug is one of my favorite photos. It's Elwood, Miranda and Harley having a good time playing.


Page last updated on 5 September 2010