Hello everyone, it's me Belle!

It's summer and I have officially been in my forever home over 8 months now living with my parents, sister, and foster brother. At first I was absolutely terrified of my hairy and scary father, but after a month or so I realized that he was completely harmless and I had him wrapped around my little paw. Every time I got in the garbage or did something naughty, mom was always strict with me and I knew she meant business...dad on the other hand, would just shake his head and giggle. You should have seen his face the day I decorated the living room in pancake mix, shredded coconut, and powdered sugar! Like always mom left all these goodies on the counter, and I snuck out of my crate to have an afternoon snack. Like any good dog, I greeted dad at the door when he got home and the look on his face was priceless! I mean not only was I actually able to greet him at the door, but I greeted him as an all white dog. That sugar not only tasted good on the couch and carpet, but I spent an hour giving myself a bath later that night. Anyway, dad noticed that the kitchen and dining room were all clean, but when he turned the corner to the living room his smile turned to a dropped jaw! He looked at me, I batted my adorable sad brown eyes, and he just laughed. From that moment on, I knew I had him just where I wanted him!

I'm still scared of men especially those with beard and hats, and here in Maine I've noticed that practically every man has a beard and a hat. Some of mom and dads friends really aren't that scary, and when they sit on the couch I know it's my time to snuggle up and give kisses. I act scared at first, but if you look at my tail it's a dead give away that it's all a cover. I love the children that come to the house for 2 main reasons: 1, because they always give me lots of treats and 2, because they love to snuggle and give me kisses!

I absolutely love my redtick sister, Moxie. She will let me bite her, wrestle, race, bark, steal her food, and basically lets me be the boss. The one thing I don't like, is she barks/tattles on me when I get on the counters or in the garbage. She's such a suck up! When I'm not busy devouring everything tasty in site, I'm usually out racing with her in the backyard or spending the day at camp with mom and Moxie. I'm a great swimmer, but I hate it; I would much rather sunbathe on the dock while mom and Moxie swim. Moxie's a good swimmer too and an excellent racing partner; she always lets me win even though her long legs make her much faster. Although, I think I do a pretty good job at scooting my short legs around that yard.

At night my foster brother Edgar insists on snuggling with me, even when I growl and nip at him. I'm not sure if he feels pain because he never even flinches or squirms. He keeps me warm, but I have to keep him at a distance outside since he is so large and goofy. When it's time to go to bed, he once again will find me under the covers and curl up with me... I get grouchy sometimes because I love to spoon with dad but Edgar always squeeze in so he ends up spooning with both of us.

I've come a long way in just a few short months, but I'm still scared of thunder. Dad's sweatshirt pile in his closet is my safe spot and I go there when I'm scared. If my parents go out to dinner and it's thundering they will let me stay in the closet instead of my crate. Dad always tucks me in with one of his dirty sweatshirts and the smell keeps me feeling safe and secure.

When I'm not snuggling, eating, or racing you can find me perched on the couch watching the birds and gray squirrels. I don't bark at them but I tremble and quiver with anxiety just watching them. I sound like a tea kettle, whistling with excitement...literally. My house has lots of critters to watch, a large yard to race, a nice tall fence to climb, and food is always left on the counters! It's a pretty nice place to live, much nicer than that shelter in Indiana! Moxie and Edgar have terrible hygiene, so I've taken it upon myself to clean their ears on a daily basis. I love keeping my siblings in check, love all the food I get/steal, and I love my parents the most...especially dad.

Thanks again to everyone who helped me along the way, and you will never know how much I appreciate it! Keep up the good work!


Page last updated on 5 August 2012