Some recent photos of our ABTCR part bloodhound girl, Bessie (aka Miss Marple), going through her evening workout in the new patio construction area. We've had her for about exactly one year now. She is doing great, has really fit in well and for some time now has behaved as though she knows this is her real home at last. She was a total score for us and Carolyn and I want to thank you all again.


24 August 2009

Bessie (aka Miss Marple) is just as sweet a girl as she looked in her picture on the Rescue website. Even better, she has turned out to be the perfect playmate for our 2 1/2 year old bloodhound, Clyde. They romp in the back yard most mornings for a half an hour or more, then again in the evenings for another little while. They are pretty evenly matched, with Bessie making up in agility for what she gives up to Clyde in size. While Bessie sure looks like she might be all bloodhound, she gets into just enough mischief for us to think she must have a bit of coonhound floating around in her gene pool (and that keeps us entertained!). She’s a great trail runner, a great companion, and a great fit for our canine and human families. She also seems to have come hard-wired for cactus avoidance, which is of critical importance here in Tucson. Most new dogs have a couple of nasty run-ins with our cholla cactus before learning to avoid them at all costs, but Bessie has been really good at steering clear of all the prickly plants as soon as she arrived here from Ohio.

It is just a complete mystery to us how anyone could turn such a wonderful dog loose to fend for itself. Thank-you all so much for doing the great and important work that you do. We've attached a few photos of Bessie and her new pal Clyde.

Carolyn Campbell,
Bruce Gungle,
Clydesdale Huntington McBride,
(Tennessee) Jed (not in pictures), and
Bessie May

7 November 2008