We adopted Misty (one of the Mischievous Munchkins) in August 2012 and fell in love immediately. We renamed her Hazel since her eyes are two different colors, one like sea glass and one like caramel. Dear friends of ours who have a rescue named Flint had been urging us to look on the website, so glad we did!!! She is quite a little spitfire and has been from day one. The vet must think Iím crazy always calling about this debacle (finding a dead baby bunny filled with maggots) or that new dilemma (swallowing her squeaker toy), but not much slows her down, not even the trail 5K we ran recently. Flint is her best buddy, and she is his shadow following him every chance she gets. When heís not around though, she growls and wrestles with her blanket. Impossibly curious and unflaggingly energetic, she loves to be outside, so she is getting me in shape as we come across all types of wildlife together, lizards, snakes, frogs, bunnies and of course, squirrels. Her favorite spots were in the foot rest of the recliner and helping us with piling up the laundry but as she keeps growing, her spots are shrinking quickly. She is a snuggler which we love, and when the weather gets in the 40ís and 50ís she is eager to curl up right beside us on the couch. She has made her imprint in our lives already. Life is definitely good!

Amy and Roman Hufnagel

Page last updated on 29 December 2012