She is well and happy!

The Boyettes

12 February 2017

Just wanted to send some vacation photos of Lucy at our second home in Alabama. She just loved being out in the country and had long walks with us. She behaved so well and enjoyed all the new smells.

The Boyettes

23 June 2012

Merry Christmas here are a couple of pictures of Lucy, who we adopted last August. This is my daughter with Lucy at our favorite park. Lucy is so healthy and happy. My husband and I faithfully take her for a walk at 5:00 am every morning and then she has 2-3 more walks during the day. We are so blessed that we have Lucy in our lives.

Thank you for bringing this beautiful girl to us,
The Boyettes

31 December 2011

We just want to thank you so much for bringing us together with Lucy (previously Mona Lisa). She has been with us for 1 week and it seems like a year (she fits in so well with us). We just adore her. She is so loved by us all. I just knew when I saw her beautiful face that she was the one for us. We have enjoyed her so much and are so pleased to have her. Our vet has her on antibiotics for her skin and she is doing nicely. She does have an appetite! HA HA

Once again, thanks so much for sending us this beautiful dog.

Linda, Charlie and Rachel Boyette

12 August 2011