We are keeping their names. We just added a little to them: Morgan is now Morgan Brittany and Lotto is Lucky Lotto Sue. They sure are vocal; forget trying to watch tv when they are playing. Morgan is still the social director. We have so much fun watching them and laughing at them. Both dogs have learned to sit for a treat. Down here in Florida we have some violent storms and have found out Morgan is a little afraid of the thunder and runs under the bed to hide, so Cathy lays on the floor half under the bed comforting her. Lotto Sue has to come over to my side of the bed before she goes outside for some lovin', then Morgan comes, too, before Cathy can get them out. We really love them.

I told Cathy that I don't know how you guys foster them and then let them go to someone; that has to be pretty hard, but thank you again for that. You guys are great!

Ron and Cathy

15 August 2008

Here are a few pictures. They play pretty good together. As you can see, Lotto has taken over the bed and likes it ; she really stretches out like she owns it. Morgan is setting in, too. She gets plenty of lovin' when she stands still long enough for it. We are planning a trip to the dog park Thursday night; I'l try and get some good pictures to send you.

We've rearranged the bedroom so that Morgan's crate can be right next to Ron and as soon as Lotto outgrows her medium sized crate, my nightstand will be in the guestroom, too. We've even traded in our little runaround Mitsubishi Galant for a Toyota Forerunner today. Much more room for the dogs if we want them to come along!

The disgusted look on Clyde's face in the above picture is because Morgan is in HIS spot. But, he's doing pretty well getting used to so many new women in his house.

Thank you again for the Coonies. We really love them,
Ron and Cathy (Clyde, Morgan and Lucky Lotto, too)

29 July 2008