Lily (Nettie/Annette) is settling in here and making her place in the family. She is so shy with new people, but Max brings out her personality for sure! She has gotten Max moving and playing like a puppy again. She follows him around all day like a little shadow, and somehow seems to have brought out Max's best manners. Max gets tired out and sometimes I find him sleeping in weird places, and I think he is trying to hide from her to get a break. But alas, she always finds him. My daughter and Lily are just the right size to play together and are both interested in what the other one is doing. Lily is working on house training. As we figure out her potty pattern, it is getting much improved.

She is so obedient. If she ever starts pulling on the leash, I call her, and she comes running right back to me. She is still working on getting down off the bed, and sleeping in her own bed instead. When she saw a bunny dart out of a bush on a walk, it was the only time she has barked. What a funny and unique voice she has!!

Thank you to everyone who helped get her here, and especially to Sarah for lovingly caring for her until she came home!

Page last updated on 30 November 2010