Mrs. Brisby was dumped on a road and gave birth to 10 puppies under a porch. After almost a year in foster care, she was still afraid of new situations. Things have certainly changed for her now that she's happy in her new home with her Vizla sister, Kim. She enjoys lounging by the pool and actually climbed into the chair while I was sitting in it. She has met the neighbor's older Jack Russell who has cancer and likes to visit him. She let that owner pet her once and came close to that again today. She's incredible. I noticed she loves to be praised. She's having fun running in the yard with Kim. She wants to jump in the car with us anytime we plan to run an errand. As we live on the river, she loves it when my husband is on our dock and when I let her out she races to the dock to see what he's doing. We couldn't be more enchanted with her and feel we got the best of all the rescues.


Page last updated on 4 October 2016